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Kiahna & Jason Love Story

Jason's Side of the Story

The first time I saw Kiahna was probably the day before I semi-introduced myself and I knew she was different. I knew the first time I saw her she was the one, The woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I wanted something different, I needed something different from my past. The next day I saw “My Future Wife” lol in Walmart where we both worked at the time, I knew that day I wanted to be in her life and her in mines. I was a pretty confident guy but with her she was different, it felt different being around her.


She was a cashier in the gardening section this particular day, working with her friend at the time. I asked her friend being the scary dude “What’s up with her? Is she single? Does she have a Man or Nah?!” She told me she was single I was like YESSSSSSS!!!! But she made me nervous, always gave me butterflies in my stomach - no woman has ever made me feel like that. Sooo my punked butt wrote a note saying are you single and one of my homies wanted to talk to you lol. Didn’t want to get rejected in my face lol but I think she kind of knew I was the one that wanted to talk to her ...... just sad on my end.


We finally talked and she said we can have a date. I was so hyped and still nervous. Our first date was at The Cook Out. I pulled up in a Chevy Astro van, I don’t know what I was thinking but I was very confident. After we sat down at the restaurant and talked she expressed her love for God. I informed her of my own personal relationship with him as well. I truly knew then she was Heaven sent and I knew I was in love from that day and every day since she has always been My Boss Lady!!

I decided it was time to seal the deal completely and I proposed on July 4, 2020!


Kiahna's Side of the Story


Jason and I first met at Walmart, where we were both working at the time. I was a cashier in the garden center and him an associate in sporting goods. Jason got word I was working in the garden center one day and decided to come over (quite a few times), said he was bored and it looked like my coworkers and I was having fun!


When it was time for me to go, he gave me a note and said one of his friends wanted to talk to me (I knew it was from him). After I told him, he replied “so are you going to call me? I waited a day and decided to text him. After a few days of texting, we met at Cook Out. Jason still nervous, told me about himself. I expressed my love and relationship with God, explaining if there could be a us it must be Godly centered and he must have a relationship with God also, he did.

Jason proposed to me July 4, 2020. 

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