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1. Choose a cruise line

Do you have a specific cruise line in mind? If so, start with letting us know your preference.  Keep your options open and evaluate things like the number of sea days, ports of call and onboard activity options. Of course, budget always plays a role but we also try to select a new ship, a favorite ship, a new itinerary or ease of embarkation port. For us, there is usually just a small handful of cruise lines that we can consider. Passport Travelers Agency will help you find a balance between what you love about a cruise line and how to make it affordable and accessible to both you and your guests. 

Steps to Planning Your Next Cruise

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2. Choose a date, destination, and budget 

Your preferred date of departure is key to getting started with planning once the cruise line is determined. Different cruise lines travel to different destinations. Once the destination is confirmed then we can start narrowing down the options. One of the major keys to success in planning a cruise trip is AFFORDABILITY and payment FLEXIBILITY! (Think of a max per-person ALL-IN budget, and that'll make it easier to decide on a date and location). We will arrange the logistics, obtain group rates, and a payment plan for each of your guests!

3. Inform your guests! Private Website Setup

Set an RSVP deadline for your guests. In order to finalize your guest list and see who's serious about coming, you'll need to set an RSVP (deposit) deadline. Deposits are dependent based on cruise line and time of booking. Passport Travelers Agency makes this process easy for you by creating a COMPLIMENTARY customized private website + "evites" for you to share with your guest list. The website will overly inform your guests of trip pricing, RSVP deadlines, traveling instructions, itinerary, and other Q&A's about the trip.

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