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I ask that all guests please read our Q&A's. This will answer many questions that you will have in regards to traveling and logistics. Additionally, Cornelia, my Travel Coordinator is available to answer any of your questions and assist with booking the best deal for you!   

Can I bring a guest or guests with me?

Invited guests are more than welcome to bring a "plus one". Passport Travelers Agency can arrange travel for these additional friends and family members coming to vacation.

When is the RSVP date?

Due to COVID-19 regulations many activities have limited availability (due to social distancing and other factors), therefore, we are asking for family and close friends to RSVP by making a deposit before January 31, 2022 to be added to the party.

When is the final payment due?

​All final payments are due July 15, 2022 (Approximately 45 days prior to travel). Partial payments are encouraged, but not required. Reminders will be sent frequently.

What is the payment schedule and cancellation policy?

Deposit Due - $200 non-refundable deposit, per person - Anytime before January 31, 2022

Final Balance Due - Anytime before July 15, 2022


We recommend that each guest purchase Travel Protection, options are provided in the quote. 

Who do you recommend for Travel Protection?

We recommend booking travel protection along with your itinerary through our provider. If you are looking for independent, outside coverage that is purchased separately, please do your research and book with any trusted travel protection provider as soon as possible. Cancellation fees are non-refundable, except through qualified travel protection reimbursements.

Do I have to book with Passport Travelers Agency??  

Yes, we request that all guests only utilize our dedicated planner and travel coordinators at Passport Travelers Agency as it will help us to keep the entire group organized and included in our planned group activities, and informed of logistics and frequent updates. Everyone will receive a group discount and a Price Match Guarantee so you’ll always pay less than the internet by using Passport Travelers Agency and most importantly, you will receive concierge level service from Cornelia.  Additionally, Passport Travelers Agency has flexible payment plans, making your travel arrangements even more affordable and convenient. If you've ever tried to contact an online travel company to make changes or cancellations, you'll appreciate the benefit of using a local, boutique travel agency (especially during times of uncertainty).


Can I upgrade my room?

Absolutely! As long as the resort has availability for your travel dates. If you wish to book a different room category, please indicate your desired room on your reservation form. Passport Travelers Agency will contact you with pricing and next steps.

What if my potential travel companion (roomie) is TBD, unknown at this time, or not ready to book?

Time waits for no one :) Book without them and add them to your reservation at a later time. Since prices and availability are subject to change, be sure to reserve the room for just yourself and we can add them when they are ready. Solo occupancy hotel rates are sometimes higher than double occupancy. When we add your travel companion in the future, you'll recognize the double occupancy savings. Rates are refreshed at the time future changes are made.

What if I find a price that is cheaper than Passport Travelers Agency?

Passport Travelers Agency has a "Price Match Guarantee" policy.  Passport Travelers Agency attempts to find the lowest rate possible with the ability to make a flexible payment plan arrangements and with refundable options in the event of an emergency. Online travel companies often offer non-refundable rates and basic economy flight tickets.

Is round trip ground transportation provided? 

Shared round trip ground transportation is provided. 


Will there be any other events during the weekend that I should prepare for?

​Yes. Please stay tuned on the "Itinerary Page" for further information, and especially as the trip approaches.​​

What are the COVID-19 guidelines and requirements?

We will keep the group posted of any and all updates as it relates to the latest COVID-19 guidelines and requirements within 90 days prior to departure. Since the regulations change frequently, we will keep all guests updated and informed when it is closer to travel. We recommend that all guests take the COVID-19 test prior to travel, even if the destination does not require it. This keeps all guests safe during the event weekend.

What if we plan to enjoy Las Vegas and extend our stay?

Feel free to extend your Las Vegas stay for as long as you'd like. 

Does Passport Travelers Agency LOVE referrals?

Yes! This is a great question. Passport Travelers Agency is a minority, woman-owned and managed small business that is 100% reliant on "word of mouth" referrals. If you are satisfied with the service that you've received, Passport Travelers Agency would appreciate that you tell all of your friends about the convenience of booking international trips with Passport Travelers Agency (destination weddings, corporate events, family vacations, honeymoons, etc). 

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