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1. Please make sure to fill out one RSVP form per room along with your travel companion(s). Provide legal name(s) EXACTLY as appearing (or will appear) on your valid passport, at the time of travel. So skip your nickname and spell it out.

2. Please note every field marked with an asterisk (*) is required and you will not be able to submit the form without ALL mandatory (*) fields properly completed. *Host Name - Allison and Raynard's Wedding

3. Please input room category that you're booking. Include any customized requests in the "Additional Information" field. If a room is not available or you would like a room that is not listed in the room block selection please input it inside Additional Information.  

4. Credit Card Authorization - Your credit card will not automatically be processed when inputting credentials on this form. Following the completion of this form and within 24 - 72 business hours, you will receive an email confirmation receipt for manually processed deposits. If a credit card is not inputted you will receive an email from with next steps to place your deposit. 

Credit Card Authorization Instructions - 


Deposit Option 1: Without Travel Protection - $100 per person - "not recommended" 

Deposit Option 2: With Travel Protection - $100 per person + travel protection**  See Travel Protection pricing and terms HERE

5. Read these Q&A's to answer frequently asked questions and logistics before reaching out to the bride and groom.

Submitting information via this reservation form does not automatically confirm your reservation. Passport Travelers Agency will manually process your payment within 24-72 hours after reservation form is received. 

Please check your email!

(SPAM too)


Availability is subject to change until a deposit is made.

*If you have trouble, try using a computer versus mobile phone for this form.

Suggested Dates of Travel

September 7 - September 11, 2023

**Feel free to extend your vacation for as long as you'd like!  - 9/7 - 9/11 is a suggestion, not a rule. 3 night minimum is required. 

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